how old is lil mabu Age, Bio, and Career Insights

In the rapidly evolving landscape of modern music, young talents are emerging at an astonishing pace, captivating audiences worldwide with their unique styles and sounds. Among these rising stars, Lil Mabu stands out, quickly becoming a notable figure in the music industry. Questions surrounding his background, particularly “how old is Lil Mabu,” highlight the intrigue and curiosity surrounding this young artist. His journey from obscurity to fame sheds light on the potential for youthful creativity and perseverance in the digital age, where age seems to be just a number but still draws significant attention. In This blog post, we will explore how old is lil mabu and discover a complete guide about his career, age , and net worth

This article delves into the basic profile of Lil Mabu, uncovering not only Lil Mabu’s age but also providing insights into his early life, career beginnings, and the significant milestones that have marked his journey so far. Furthermore, it will explore his personal life, the influence he has managed to wield despite his young age, and an estimation of his net worth, painting a comprehensive picture of his public persona and musical career. Through this exploration, readers will gain a deeper understanding of the factors contributing to his growing popularity and the impact he has on his audience, encapsulating the essence of what it means to achieve celebrity in today’s digital world.

Basic Profile of Lil Mabu

Full Name

Lil Mabu, whose real name is Matthew Peter DeLuca, has made a significant mark in the music industry under his stage name. His identity combines his heritage with his artistic persona, creating a memorable impact on his audience

how old is lil mabu

Matthew Peter DeLuca was born on April 4, 2005. His birth in the vibrant city of New York has played a role in shaping his musical style and career trajectory. The cultural influences of the city are evident in his music and public persona.

Current Age

As of now, Lil Mabu is 19 years old. His young age is noteworthy as it highlights his early accomplishments and the potential for future growth in his career. His age also resonates with a youthful audience, adding to his popularity and influence in the music scene.

Significant Milestones in His Career

Debut Single

Lil Mabu’s initial foray into the music scene began with his debut single “Miss Me,” released in 2018. This track laid the foundation for his career, although it initially garnered modest attention with approximately 300,000 views on YouTube 1. His early music, characterized by autotune-heavy bubblegum rap, marked the beginning of his journey in the industry.

Popular Tracks

As his style evolved, Lil Mabu gained significant traction with the release of “No Snitching,” a collaboration with Dusty Locane in 2022. This track became popular on TikTok, significantly boosting his profile 2. Following this, his debut mixtape Double M’s was released, featuring various artists and further establishing his presence in the music scene 3.

The release of “Throw,” featuring DD Osama, became a pivotal moment as it was the number one trending music video on YouTube for week 1. His track “Mathematical Disrespect” released in May 2023, marked his first major chart success, appearing in music charts in the US, UK, and Ireland

In late 2023, his collaborations continued to make waves. The track “Mr. Take Ya Bitch,” a collaboration with Christian Rock, not only targeted prominent figures in the industry but also charted on Billboard’s Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs and peaked at number one on the TikTok Billboard Top 50 charts 26. His latest collaboration, “Teach Me How To Drill” with Fivio Foreign, accompanied by a high-energy music video, again captured the number one trending spot on YouTube

These tracks not only highlight his evolving musical style but also underscore his growing influence in the music industry, resonating with a broad and engaged audience.

Insight into Personal Life

Family Background

Lil Mabu, born Matthew Peter DeLuca, grew up in a well-to-do family in New York’s Upper East Side. He spent his childhood in a condo owned by his parents, Jane and Peter DeLuca. His father, a notable figure in the community, serves as a funeral director and has been involved in various legal and business disputes over the years. Lil Mabu’s family also faced personal tragedy with the loss of his older brother, Peter Craig, in a building collapse incident

Current Residence

Currently residing in Manhattan, New York, Lil Mabu maintains a connection to his roots in the vibrant city that has significantly shaped his musical career and persona. His family’s substantial real estate holdings include a luxurious condo on the Upper East Side and a spacious residence in the Hamptons, reflecting their affluent lifestyle 4. Despite the stark contrast between his personal life and the themes of grit and struggle in his music, Lil Mabu continues to draw inspiration from his surroundings and experiences

Lil Mabu’s Influence and Net Worth

Lil Mabu, a prominent figure in the New York-based Brooklyn drill scene, has established a significant financial footprint in the industry with an estimated net worth of $1 million as of 2023. His financial success is largely attributed to his music career, which serves as his primary source of income. Despite not disclosing his monthly earnings, it is reported that from his YouTube channel alone, he earns approximately $38,034 monthly

Residing in a luxury condo on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, Lil Mabu’s living arrangements reflect his financial status. This condo spans 3,327 square feet, featuring five bedrooms and five bathrooms. Additionally, when not in Manhattan, he spends time at his family’s mansion in the Hamptons, which is a 6,182-square-foot property valued at around $12 million

Lil Mabu’s influence extends beyond his financial achievements. His career milestones include his initial recognition with the song “Miss Me” and subsequent hits such as “No Snitching” and “Mathematical Disrespect,” which have significantly bolstered his profile  His collaboration with artists like Christian Rock on tracks like “Mr. Take Ya Bitch” has not only stirred the industry but also topped charts, including reaching number one on the TikTok Billboard Top 50

Lil Mabu’s influence extends beyond his financial achievements. His career milestones include his initial recognition with the song “Miss Me” and subsequent hits such as “No Snitching” and “Mathematical Disrespect,” which have significantly bolstered his profile. His collaboration with artists like Christian Rock on tracks like “Mr. Take Ya Bitch” has not only stirred the industry but also topped charts, including reaching number one on the TikTok Billboard Top 50.

As Lil Mabu continues to evolve as an artist, his net worth and influence in the hip-hop world underscore his dedication and potential for future growth. His story is a testament to the impact of perseverance and creativity in today’s digital and highly competitive music landscape.

Concluding Thoughts

In our pursuit to document Lil Mabu’s trajectory from a New York City native and emerging music superstar, we have followed the transformative journey of an artist redefining how youthful exuberance coupled with raw talent can interplay within the hip-hop world. His rise is a testament not just to his musical pedigree but also speaks volumes about how he vibes with a generation that loves realness and innovation. His journey in the industry starts with his debut single and ends but is comprehended by those breakthrough markers along Lil Mabu. As he continues to manage fame and his path as an artist, his story offers a parallel of up-and-coming artists nudging the gates just enough open for themselves in this new age where we are becoming our own management companies.

The value of Lil Mabu’s place in history aligns with more than just what was popular on SoundCloud, it is a revival of cultural relevance and unyielding persistence. His success in the face of a tough industry was an instant inspiration to upcoming artists and an indication that his journey mirrors not only a sign-of-the-times snapshot of music today but also echoes years beyond. Lil Mabu is carving out his lane and based on this trajectory it looks bright not just for him, but for the genre he embodies. The spirit of his story leaves their readers and hopeful musicians to ponder just how far they might be able to stretch between talent, technology as well tenacity.


Q- When is Lil Mabu’s birthday?

A-) Matthew Peter DeLuca, widely recognized by his stage name Lil Mabu, was born on April 4, 2005. He is a prominent Brooklyn drill rapper from Manhattan, New York.

Q- When did Lil Mabu complete his high school education?

A-) Lil Mabu graduated from high school in June 2023. Around the same time, he released a single titled “Rich Scholar,” shortly after the release of his chart-topping song “Mathematical Disrespect” in May 2023.

Q- What led to Lil Mabu’s rise to fame?

A-) Lil Mabu gained significant fame in 2020 with the release of his album “The Power of Music.” The album, known for its complex beats and heavy 808s, received critical acclaim and led to a series of sold-out shows nationwide, cementing his status in the music industry.

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